Daniel Barenboim Honored with Golden Victoria 2015

On November 2, Daniel Barenboim was honored by the German Magazine Publishers association with the “Golden Victoria 2015” for his life’s work. With this prize, the association values Barenboim’s musical work as well as his unique commitment to international understanding, in particular his work towards the reconciliation and mutual understanding between Israelis and Arabs through the language of music.

In her remarks, the Minister of State for Culture and Media, Professor Monika Grütters, cited a quote from Barenboim: “The impossible is easier than the difficult, since the impossible does not entail any expectations.” As examples of Barenboim’s life work, the Minister highlighted projects such as “Staatsoper für alle,” the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra and the Barenboim-Said Akademie in Berlin. With this work Barenboim has gained international recognition as a pioneer of the impossible. Said the Minister: “With courage, perseverance and passion you manage to unfold the unifying, peacemaking power of music. Your example encourages us to make the impossible possible.”

Barenboim thanked the association by saying that he does not deserve the award, commenting “I have not come to the end of my life’s work yet.” He feels motivated to keep working on this mission. In regard to the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, he pointed out that peace needs more than musicians – peace in the Middle East requires justice and safety, both of which musicians cannot provide. However, what they can provide is “an example of what can be accomplished together.”